Im Bright a designer

based in Nairobi Kenya with three years of experience in general software development, two in mobile app design and development. I love transforming conceptual solutions into screens, swipes and clicks. Uhmm...the spinning gears in my background? Well, I'm a petrol head 😎

Aside from being a developer, I'm also a Digital creator. My content is based off my love for cars. The content can be found on my social media platforms

My skills

  • Soft Skills
    • Interpersonal Skills
      • Integrity
      • Effective Communication
      • Leadership
    • Intrapersonal Skills
      • Creativity
      • Problem solving
      • Meditation
  • Hard Skills
    • Mobile development
      • Flutter & Dart
      • Android Studio, Xcode
      • Playstore, Appstore
      • USSD
    • Website Development
      • NodeJs
      • React
      • Js, Python, Html, Css
    • UI UX Design
      • Figma

Featured Projects


2020 June - 2021 January

Website, Android, IOS__

SakaHapa is a sourcing App where a buyer can specify the kind of product, he/she is looking to purchase and any seller within a 40km radius that has the same item or something similar to it can respond with a picture and price...

Michael Mayieko - Founder SakaHapa

Working with Bright was smooth process


2021 February - 2022 November

Android, IOS__

Package delivery made digitally easier! Bid farewell to all kinds of limits from package deliverers as you can use a cool new courier delivery and tracking app – WecanRush! Running an offline or online business and need to deliver packages to your customers?...

Paul Ritzy - CTO Ritzy Technologies

Working with Bright remotely showed his good communication skills


2022 April - 2022 August


Expenditure Buddy is a mobile app that helps you manage your future expenses at a minimal level by use of spending plans, wish lists and reminders. The app can be used by anyone and is free to download from the Google Play store. No signing up is needed. Once you download the app you are good to go. some of the key functionalities are

This is a personal project

Contact Me

+254 794 446 884

+254 794 446 884

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